Poptropica Art Feat. Lucky Wing

Read about my new masterpiece "Ironwing"

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Poptropica Art Feat. Fierce Flyer

Introducing my new series: Poptropica Art. This week's masterpiece features the totally awesome "Fierce Flyer"

Where Is The Neck???

Want to know what's really in between the head and the body of a poptropican? Click to find out!


The Story of How I got my Entire 1st Grade Class to Play Poptropica

I had to reblog this 🙂 It’s a really nice story and please like it if you haven’t already 😀

Fierce Flyer Adventures

Hey guys Fierce Flyer here, and welcome to a rather different post about the time I got my entire class to play Poptropica. First off I got inspiration from Young Storm, who just created her own blog, and it looks like the next big thing, check it out and give her support here: https://popwireblog.wordpress.com/ . Alright let us begin!

It was somewhere between the year 2010-2011, when I entered the first grade, my sister was always playing Poptropica and me and my bro, watched intensely as the mysteries got more and more exciting, like most schools we had “specials” one week we would go to P.E. or maybe Art, or one of my favorites, Library (is that even a special??), but there was even more specials, one of which being… Technology! We all had an hour to complete as much lessons as possible on Star Fall, or Compass learning (how do…

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My First Time Playing Pop

Story Time: Shark Tooth Island was the first island I played...but the way I played it was ridiculous 😛


My Opinion on the IOTM

Everyone already knows the IOTM, but which island is more worthy of a replay?


HEATED DEBATE: Poptropica Worlds

I get into the HEATED details about the debate going on between Poptropicans about the new design for the new Poptropica Worlds.


The First Pop Wire

Welcome to the very first pop wire where I get into details about what this blog is about, why I even started it only after being a Poptropican veteran for 9 years, and my opinion on Poptropica Worlds.


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