The First Pop Wire

Well hello 🙂 Welcome to the very first pop wire where I get into details about what this blog is about, why I even started it only after being a Poptropican veteran for 9 years, and my opinion on Poptropica Worlds.

So what is this blog about? Simple: it holds my opinions about all things Poptropica and more. I’m also planning on sharing my art on here as well and of course it will be Pop related so follow and stay tuned.

Why am I now making this blog after playing for 9 years? Well, the answer to this is also…simple. I just felt this impulse to start sharing my own opinions to the Pop community after reading some other blogs who do the same thing. I wanted to play a part in this community which is filled with so many other people who share the same interest and dedication to a game that has been apart of our childhoods for so long. We have all played this game, fell in love with its mysteries, and are now hooked on it. Somehow, the game just has us coming back to it after so many years. HQ must be doing something right.

I’m very excited to be starting this blog about something that I have a big attachment to. Now, lets delve into my opinion about the promos and big hype about Poptropica Worlds. After having taken a break from Pop for a while, I came back to all these new updates and the news about Pop having something real interesting in the works. I’m seeing all these  promos for their big project and I got reeled in by their new take on the design for the characters. There are many people who have different opinions on it and there just seemed to be two sides to it all. On one side there are the people who just didn’t like the polished look of the characters and preferred the original flat design that we’re all accustomed to. And on the other side are those who don’t mind it and actually enjoy the fact that the creators are updating the design of the game. What’s my opinion? Read all about it in my next Pop Wire!

Don’t forget to follow my blog for new Pop Wires, upcoming Poptropica art, and of course my opinions on all the new Pop scoop.


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