HEATED DEBATE: Poptropica Worlds

In my previous blog, I mentioned that there are basically two major sides to the debate over the NEW DESIGN being seen in promos for Pop Worlds. On one side there are those who are completely against the polished design while on the other side are those who favor it. And then there are those who are in the middle and could care less 😛

I’ve been reading a lot about how many long time poptropicans favor the simplicity of the original 2D style that Pop is known for. The old design is easy on the eyes, and apparently is more of a mature style for older audiences. The promo design is more like fan art and looks to be intended for a much more younger audience. (It’s funny though how I think most people who do play Pop nowadays are teens and young adults so very understandable.)

The other side of the debate in which poptropicans enjoy the new design claim that the art style is amazing and innovative. It’s definitely a new approach in hopes to attract more players of a wider range of age who like games with a more modern design. It has been almost 10 years ever since the game first came out. Since then, there has obviously been so much improvement with game styles. New programs and technology that allow people to create more sophisticated images are increasingly being incorporated in todays media so it’s not a surprise Pop creators are leaning more towards this new style to keep fresh.

In a blog post made back in April 2016, Skinny Moon mentioned that the design will be “newer” and “shinier” and a new feature to the avatar would be the shoes, so all of this can be expected.

As an artist myself, when I think of the word “shiny” I think of highlighting to create a dimensional effect. In the promos it is obvious that the characters are shiny but I don’t think the characters will have all of that excessive shininess. If you compare the promo pictures with the promo video, the level of highlighting is very different. The pictures are super detailed with color, highlighting, and shading. However, in the video the highlighting is toned down and is applied liberally in the right areas to create dimension and solidity for the characters. I think the design suggested in the promo video will be the one used throughout the whole game. The promo images are just for the advertising.

In my opinion, it’s too soon to completely judge the new game design since it hasn’t come out yet and there is only a limited amount of images to fully base an opinion on (speaking in terms of the design not the actual game play.) However, if I were to assume that the new design will be the one shown in the video, then I am in favor of it. I like how the character designers in HQ are taking an extra step to making the avatars have more form and look less flat. I personally like that style and honestly think it isn’t a drastic, different look than the original. In fact, I think the ability to have shoes gives the avatar more room to express their personality. The design in the promo pics though are little too extra for game play in my opinion but are really detailed and appropriate for the ads.

I think we can all agree that we’re all just very anxious for the new game to come out already! There’s so many what-if’s and the unknown can be scary but what can we do other than survive off of the occasional updates from the creator’s blog and theories from fan blogs. At least that’s what I do.

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