My Opinion on the IOTM

By now, everyone knows the IOTM are Super Power and Galactic Hot Dogs but not too many are thrilled about the latter. We can all agree that Super Power is a fun island to play on because well…SUPER POWERS. It’s a seriously good island and I’m really happy that it’s playable for some extra credits (plus I get to fly again.) However, I’m not too happy with GHD being a IOTM because it’s not a well executed island.

GHD has some great visuals and I can always appreciate the game designers work. Though there were some funky characters like the monsters at the food truck area and the flying baby dinosaurs you had to jump on in order to save the main character on a different planet. When I first saw those dinosaurs though… I would’ve drawn them differently but I guess the designers were trying to draw in the style of the comic book the island is based off of.

Besides the visuals, the plotline was extremely choppy and was not well executed at all. There were many times in the middle of game play when it would cut off and you would have to read actual pages from the comic book. I understand it was for the advertising but it chopped up the story a whole lot and it should’ve been done a different way. It took away the excitement and the opportunity to include more of the interactive aspect of the whole game.

Also, since most of us players have never even heard of this comic, the island should’ve been designed to introduce us to at least the gist of the main plotline. For example, it should’ve answered these simple questions: Who is this dude with the spiky hair and how did he end up on this planet? Also how the heck is he breathing in space? Who is this spoiled and annoying princess? Who is that other weird monster who follows the dude with the spiky hair? I DUNNO 😦

Would I even attempt to play the island again for extra credits? NAH, I’m good. I’ll just stick to playing Super Power and the other classics.

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