My First Time Playing Pop

The first time I ever played Pop was back in elementary school. My friends were all in the computer lab at school playing an online game. I sat down next to one of them and I asked her what the game was called so I could play too. I went to the website and I had to make my own username and everything. I think I wrote it down and all I can remember was that the word rocket was apart of my old username 😆 I dunno…lol I was a little kid. Anyways, so then it came for me to get my poptropican’s name and I’m pretty sure it was something like Carrot….something lol.

But what I really do remember was playing Shark Tooth Island first because that was the island everyone else was playing at the time. So I think there were only a handful of islands on the old map. I know Nabooti, Early Pop, Time Tangled and probably some other early ones I can’t remember were there but it was only a few. So back to Shark Tooth, I remember that EVERYONE had such a hard time trying to get the translation key from Professor Hammerhead’s journal. The paper was on top of the temple and not one of them could get to it 😑.

One day at home, I get on the computer and I try to find other ways to get the code from that paper. I don’t know how I did this but somehow I found a way to zoom in on the actual website itself (it was an option on the computer not on the website) and when I jumped close to the paper, I could see the code clearly as I fell back down on the ground. So every time I jumped, I wrote down whatever symbol was next until I had the entire thing….without even touching the paper 😂😂😂. I don’t know how I did it but I found some other extremely hard way to get the code when all I needed to do was jump a different way.  Ugh…leave it to me to complicate things 😅 But the next day when I went to school, I showed all of my friends the translation key I wrote down and it worked! I don’t remember if there were any walkthroughs back then because the game was still kind of new. But even if there were I don’t think I would’ve even known they existed 😂.

So as time went by I tried the other islands and then I just stopped playing all together. Maybe a year or two later, I had remembered the game again so I went back to the website to log back in. But then I realized I had lost the little piece of paper with my user and password from my original account so I was forced to make a new one. THUS YOUNG STORM WAS BORN! lol…yeah and then I just had fun replaying the first few islands and the new ones. There would be times when I would take a month break…maybe another year lol. But I ALWAYS came back to the website because I would miss it too much. So that’s my story of the first time I played Pop and how ridiculously I played it 😛

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