Poptropica Art Feat. Fierce Flyer

Guys…I finally did it!! I finally made my first piece of poptropica art!!! *applause* I don’t think you guys are ready for this! I’m starting an all new series called: Poptropica Art where I choose special poptropicans from the comment section to be featured in the current week’s picture.

So in one of Fierce’s recent Q&A blog posts (https://fierceflyerblog.wordpress.com/2017/03/18/least-favorite-food-qa-saturday-2/ ) I  asked him who his favorite superhero is: the brave and daring CAPTAIN ‘MERICA! 😀 And I had also asked if he wanted me to draw him as Cap and of course he said yes.

The design of the costume was completely inspired by Captain America’s original costume and I added a personalized touch to it. In the end, I just decided to make his own superhero with the bold name “FIERCE FLYER” which is a perfect fit 🙂

THE PROCESS: First, I drew the poptropican on paper with color pencil and once I finished that, I took a picture of it. Then I transferred it onto my computer and photo shopped a background and edited some other details. And then boom…greatness was born 😉 I probably made it sound easy but it took me awhile to do. But I love the process so much that I don’t mind.

I will definitely keep on drawing and if you guys have any requests you can leave them down in the comment section. I’m thinking of starting a superhero series.  I’ll be happy to take a few, just leave your desired theme for the picture, your poptropica username so I can see your original avatar or leave a link to a picture you would like me to reference off of. I hope you guys enjoy this picture 🙂

Don’t forget to follow my blog for new Pop Wires, upcoming Poptropica art, and of course my opinions on all the new Pop scoop.




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