About Young Storm

I’m a long time Pop veteran and I’ve been playing for about 9 years now. I really wanted to create a platform where I can go to express my own opinions about new updates and share some insight with other fellow Poptropicans. I’m an aspiring artist of all kinds of mediums (acrylic paint, water color, charcoal, graphite, color pencil, marker, photoshop, digital drawing, photography, video editing, clay and wax… and I still want to try wood burning). I’ll be posting my poptropica art soon and I plan on linking another wordpress website containing all of my art to this one as well. One other interesting thing about me is that my avatar’s hair is purple because it’s one of my favorite colors (the others being turquoise and gold 😀 ). Also the little white dog from my first pop wire is named Fifi 😛  If you’d like to contact me personally, click on this Send Me A Wire link.


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